493 The Changing Look Of Quartz

The Changing Look Of Quartz

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Category: Kitchen Repair & Reno
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The Changing Look Of Quartz

Cambria Quartz With Veins

If you love the look of natural stone, but are looking for a surface that is low maintenance and worry free (almost), Cambria has your color.

Cambria has used nature as the inspiration for a large number of their colors and designs, making this countertop option a desirable choice for those looking for the look and feel of a natural stone without the maintenance.

Cambria Torquay…….

One of Cambria’s offerings that deserves recognition is “Torquay”.

Torquay is a soft marble look-alike. This stone has gray and white with a hint of a taupe undertone which is especially nice to warm things up. This stone works great with wood tones and painted finishes.

The Changing Look Of Quartz

Cambria Galloway

I love this new color from Cambria’s Coastal Series, Galloway. It has a touch of green and gold, that I suppose was inspired from seaweed, and greys inspired by the sandy seashore. The vein pattern looks like low tide on a mossy beach.

The quartz companies have all discontinued most of their greens, so the Galloway is extremely exciting for green lovers as well as beach lovers.

Cambria Summerhill

Another new color from Cambria, the Summerhill from the Coastal Series, has that low-tide look like the Galloway.

What I find intriguing about the Summerhill, is the creamy colors mixed with sandy greys. Because the colors don’t have high contrast, it provides a neutral color that looks like a granite-marble hybrid.

This color is versatile and could be found in traditional as well as contemporary designs.

Cambria Aberdeen

I’m not quite sure of the exact inspiration for Cambria’s Aberdeen, but it is so bold and colorful that it deserves recognition.

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The vibrant oranges, forest greens and earthy browns are all mixed together in a pot of fun! Aberdeen is a fun and lively color that would look amazing on a statement piece such as an island or eating bar.

Cambria Ellesmere

Cambria’s Ellesmere is another color from their Coastal Series. It has a dark black/ brown back ground with white and grey streaks.

The Ellesmere has the coloring similar to several black granite slabs, and looks so authentic that only the homeowner (and us) would know that it is not real stone.

Cambria Berkeley

If you are in search of a warm and creamy brown/ beige color for your kitchen, Cambria’s Berkeley could be the selection for you. The Berkeley is an attractive neutral that has little flecks of copper mixed in.

A great color for the traditional kitchen.

Cambria Windermere

Cambria palette is tailored to the traditional market. The colors are heavy into the brown, black and creamy palettes. They have been very successful with their wavy/ vein patterns that imitate granite.

The Windermere is a creamy brown that is soft and subtle, yet gives you the Cambria waves.

Cambria Armitage

The Cambria Armitage is a great example of their darker palette. Dark and light waves mixed together creates a classic traditional color.

These colors are very busy, which is what traditional is all about – the more ornamentation, the better.

Cambria Bellingham

Who doesn’t love a bit of salt and pepper? The Cambria Bellingham is a subtle mix of black in a white/ grey background.

Another color for traditional lovers, the Bellingham is sure to coordinate nicely with a wide variety of cabinet colors.

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Side note: The kitchen pictured here also houses a great Microwave Drawer on the island – an appliance that is versatile and comes highly recommended by your favorite designer.

Cambria Quartz For Traditional Kitchens

Cambria is made in the USA, so you can feel great about supporting the American economy, and getting some fabulous traditional colors at the same time. View the entire Cambria Palette here.

Cambria has all of the fabulous properties of quartz (stain resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance), and you never have to seal it like natural stone. What’s not to love?

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