982 Quick Tip: Unclog a Toilet

Quick Tip: Unclog a Toilet

Quick Tip: Unclog a Toilet

Avoid potential disaster by being prepared and reading these essential tips for toilet repair.

We all know that life would be very different without that wonder of modern science: the toilet. But when it acts up, we also know life can get pretty complicated in a hurry. Don’t wait until you have a houseful of guests to get prepared.

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Key Toilet Repair Tools. Homeowners should own a full-sized plunger, an auger, a bucket and some rubber gloves.

Plunging a Toilet. In the event of a clog that is overflowing the toilet, shut off the water intake valve underneath the tank, then remove half the water from the bowl before plunging the drain opening rapidly several times. If the water goes down, plunge once more for good measure before turning the water back on and flushing.

Using an Auger. If plunging doesn’t work, the auger will. Cranking clockwise, feed the auger into the drain until it tightens at the clog; reverse a bit, then continue down as far as it will go, and pull the whole thing up at once. Remove that matchbox car that junior has been missing along with any other debris, and plunge again before you flush, just in case.

Be Prepared. As always, being prepared with the right tools can save the day!

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