328 Do You Need To Screed? A Simple Definition.

Do You Need To Screed? A Simple Definition.

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Do You Need To Screed? A Simple Definition.

Basic Definition

Screeding means to drag a long, flat board across a pliable material to smooth it down.

This also means that the board you use for this purpose is called a screed.

For example, you might have a wavy sub-floor that needs to be filled in with leveling compound. If the compound is not self-leveling, then you must drag the screed across the top to bring the compound to level.

Concrete Work

A screed is a length of 2×4 or an aluminum bar that is pulled across wet concrete to smooth it down.

In the most basic applications, the 2×4 is set on edge and pulled backward (toward you) in order to generally smooth down the lumpy concrete. It helps to have two workers, one on each side. Aluminum ​screeds are often used, as they provide a straighter edge.

For more professional screeding, a motorized screed may be used that has a long handle to eliminate laborious bending and tugging.

Screeding is not the final finish. For that, you need a bull float.

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